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Nothing adds life to your home more than natural light. However, natural light also brings heat, hotspots, and fading, which can affect overall comfort and atmosphere within the property.

Solar window films reject up to 81% of harmful solar effects, providing better temperature stability and comfort. It also works to reduce solar heat gain, bothersome glare, and destruction to your interiors.

Reducing Utility Costs

Homeowners today want to preserve cool and comfortable environments.

Reducing the use of air conditioners can save valuable resources and decrease utility expenses. When you run your air conditioning less, you consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utilities.

Installing solar window films will help you do that by rejecting heat and keeping interior temperatures stable.


Safety films used for business spaces, offices, and other commercial buildings are designed to withstand blasts and smashes. Rest assured, these products have been tested to ensure they meet the most stringent standards across the globe.

Product Types


Keep windows and glass surfaces free from any form of vandalism. This type of film offers a quick, convenient, and stress-free solution that works to help avoid unwanted marks and writing.


The sky is the limit with the print or pattern you want on your glass surfaces. We combine unique colors, forms, and shapes to help you bring your unique vision or concept to life.


We provide solutions for your solar and security needs. Our products work to address concerns such as the following:

Heat Gain




Glass Breakage

Heat Gain




Glass Breakage

Security Window Film

The windows are the most vulnerable areas of most structures. It does not help that threats to people and property are still on the rise. Such threats include severe weather, terrorism, burglary, and vandalism.

Installing security window film works to provide an extra layer of protection and value to your home or building. Specially designed films absorb shock and hold shattered glass in place.

Armor coat films protect people from flying glass shards, providing a barrier against break-ins, blasts, looting, and interior damage.


Ward off disease-causing bacteria using expertly developed antimicrobial window films. We offer the Solar Gard 4 Mil Antimicrobial Films, which uses BioCote® technology to keep germs away with efficiency.

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Our professionals respect your time and property. That is why we strive to educate every client, making sure you create informed decisions on the right window film for your needs.

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We believe that clients who are satisfied with our products and services are more likely to recommend our business. That is why we always choose quality over quantity in everything we do, striving to ensure excellence for those we serve.

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