Decorative Window Film

What can you achieve with Decorative Film?

Our Decorative and Frost films bring life to existing properties or new projects. With your creative ideas and our design department the possibilities are endless. For your privacy and design challenges, simply choose from a wide array of products.

Combine colors to create virtually any hue. Overlap patterns to create a signature look. Select a finish to diffuse or focus light, or even block it entirely. No matter what design challenge you face, decorative films deliver an affordable, practical and unique solution – with stunning results.

Decorative window film gives you the ability to add privacy and style to your doors and windows, without sacrificing the natural light in your space. Decorative films allow you to achieve privacy while creating custom patterns, ranging from simple stripes to detailed company logos.

Unlike costly etched glass, decorative films are not permanent and will not damage glass. Add decorative film to store front doors and windows, conference rooms, offices, even home bathrooms. We also have in-house graphic artists to turn your decorative film ideas into reality. Everything is designed, and cut in-house, which makes the process quick and easy. With thousands of unique styles and patterns, the options are endless!