Ward Off Disease-Causing Germs and Microbes With Our Help

Secured Glass Solutions offers Solar Gard Antimicrobial Films to clients on the West Coast of the United States. The superior product is designed to be easily replaced, providing a virtually invisible barrier that protects flat surfaces from permanent damage.

It also features BioCote® silver-ion technology, which is applied during the manufacturing process of the film.

How It Works

Silver has antimicrobial properties that have been scientifically proven to ward off germs. The element works by inhibiting microbial growth on the surface it is applied.

Today, silver remains one of the most widely used antimicrobial components in history.

Advanced Technologies

The BioCote® technology in Solar Gard Antimicrobial Films diminishes microbial activity the moment it comes into contact with microorganisms. It works to protect the film from odors and stains, leaving treated surfaces cleaner and fresher for longer.

Where Can Antimicrobial Films Be Installed?

Solar Gard 4 Mil Antimicrobial Films are the ideal solution for a large variety of flat, minimally textured glass and composite surfaces. The product is efficient in protecting high-frequency touchpoints with just a single installation.


Glass and Other Smooth Surfaces


Monitor and Device Screens


Retail Display Cases and Surfaces

Walls and Partitions

Elevators and Escalators

Mass Transit

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