Avoid Vandalism With Effective Anti-Graffiti Glass Film

At Secured Glass Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients reduce the cost of graffiti removal. That is why we offer anti-graffiti window film, which is a practical way to mitigate damage from vandalism.

The Growing Problem

Vandalism is becoming increasingly rampant. Culprits can use anything from mechanical etching tools to acid and paint to tag glass and other surfaces accessible to the public.

Expertly Designed

The window films we offer are specially designed to be nearly invisible once installed. They are easily removable, effective in reducing or even eliminating the need for expensive glass replacement.

Replacing a single film on 1 window can easily exceed 10 or 20 times the cost of film installation.

Quick and Convenient Application

Our professionals are trained to ensure a swift installation and replacement process. This way, we can avoid any possible disruptions or delays.

Each individual is highly capable of applying the product onto vertical or sloped glass, as well as mirrors or stainless steel. We have experience in installing these on surfaces in malls, buses, or office buildings.

How It Works

Surfaces with anti-graffiti films can easily be repaired by stripping the top film along its tags. This will reveal an unspoiled glass surface that is ready for replacement.

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