Solar Window Films for Residences of All Kinds and Sizes

Your home is your largest single investment. Secured Glass Solutions films protect that investment giving you control over the things that matter most.

Professionally installed, solar window films will greatly enhance the energy efficiency, look, and functionality of your home windows. This translates into lower utility bills, improved comfort, added privacy, and greater protection against the unexpected.

Fading Carpet, Furniture, and Artwork?

Don’t let the sun rob your home of its natural beauty. Our solar window films give you a clear view, reducing annoying glare without making it seem dark in your home. After purchasing one of our high performance solar window film, you’ll be more comfortable in your home no matter where the sun is shining, with the level of privacy you desire.

Benefits of Installing Residential Window Tinting

The product can be used for the following:

Stay Cooler by Reducing Excessive Heat in Warmer Months

Blocks up to 90% of Infrared Heat

Stops 99% of Damaging UV Rays

Reduces Air Conditioning Costs by up to 35%

Choose from Many Light Densities


Recommended by Decorators & Interior Designers

Maintains the Natural Look of your Home

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